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A lot of men are unfairly labeled as deadbeat dads, usually by their ex wives who want to get back at them for one reason or another. Take the example of Ron. Ron made the mistake of falling in love with another woman when he was still married to his wife.

She divorced him and then got child support. She got the house, the kids, the car and everything but the clothes on his back. There was no way that Ron was going to be one of those deadbeat dads, so he struggled to pay child support.

Now let's face it, Ron was no angel. He stopped loving his wife and started loving someone else. This was an unforgivable sin in the eyes of his wife and she vowed to make him suffer. If he was late with any payments, she had the kids call him and ask for the money. The kids knew the term "deadbeat dads" and were asking him if he was one.

Ron's wife would call him often and ask him if his floozy minded if he became one of those deadbeat dads. He was a day late in paying his child support at the time. She often made disparaging remarks about him in front of the kids, despite the fact that their divorce decree stated that neither would talk bad about the other in front of the kids. Ron knew from friends that taking her to court was useless and costly. He had a friend whose wife wouldn't let him see the kids and the guy spent thousands in lawyer fees getting to court. The case kept getting continued and finally, she denied everything at the hearing. And what did the judge do? Give her a slap on the wrist. Ron didn't want to pay any more lawyer fees. He was broke.

The unthinkable happened and Ron lost his job. He asked his ex wife if he could pay less money for child support and she laughed in his face. She told him that he was just like all the deadbeat dads. She suggested that he get the money from his girlfriend.

Ron tried to pay what he could. He knew he had to go to court to get the child support reduced. He was afraid of being considered one of the deadbeat dads and going to jail, but he did not have money for a lawyer. He finally found some help for deadbeat dads online. He has some back child support to pay, but he is catching up. Thankfully, his wife met another man and is off his back and Ron got another job. But he came very close to becoming one of those deadbeat dads that you read about, even though it was not his fault.

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